Destroy all Planets

Destroy all Planets
This page is dedicated to the Destroy all Planets (Gamera vs Viras) products. I was the actor Jim Morgan in this 1968 Daiei motion picture. I co-starred with Takastuka Toru and the movie featured Hongo Kojiro. I was the first American Star in the Gamera line of movies. These DVDs, Pictures and other pieces of Gamera Memorabilia are offered here from my personal and professional collection. Some will be shipped for FREE, others will require a small amount of postage.  This page is one of the many on my Fly Fishing Benefactors store.  Please feel free to look around there as well.  I donate my proceeds from the sales of the fly fishing equipment to veterans and cancer victims/survivors that use fly fishing as a rehabilitation tool.
Gamera Temporary Tattoo
A temporary tattoo, featuring Bob Eggleton G-fest XII artwork.
Noriaki Yuasa Tribute Magnet
Noriaki Yuasa Tribute Magnet - G-Fest XII
5x7 Cast & Crew Photo
Daiei professional photograph of the original cast and crew from Gamera vs...
Destroy all Planets
The Movie plot: A deadly alien force approaches Earth. Gamera intervenes...
8x10 Lucky Me Photo
Daiei professional photographer shot of Takatsuka Toru and myself with the...
8x10 Submarine Photo
Daiei professional photographer shot of myself and Takastuka Toru in the mini...
2010 Destroy all Planets DVD
Movie Plot: A deadly alien force approaches Earth. Gamera intervenes and...