FFB Gear in Action!

A lot of our customers send us pictures of their catches and along with the beautiful fish, we have shots of our gear as well.  I know we tell you that we'll give you everything in a "all you need is a stream" deal but be don't include the water, license and of course the fish.  If you want guaranteed fish, please go to our "Guaranteed Fish" page an place an order there!  Send us your own pics to make our page here!

San Juan - Deschutes and a nice rainbow!

San Juan and a nice Rainbow!

Project Healing Waters Limited and nice rainbbow

Shenandoah the Snake I and the Shenandoah National Park

The Shenandoah blends in to the Shenandoah Park background
Raindow after the San Juan got him
Fish On!  San Juan Deschutes Combo