Fly Fishing Emergency Tools

This a new category of gear that we will be offering here at Fly Fishing Benefactors.  Starting with the famous Sweedish FireSteel emergency fire starter, we will build a line of equipment you will find most useful on the stream if you are caught in a driving rainstorm, get lost on a trail, get injured, or worse yet, bitten by a snake.

Our Fly Fishihg "Go Kit" will have all kinds of useful gear inside a small, light-weight, water-proof plastic box.  The gear that we plan on having isnide our "Go Kit" are the following items: Sweedish FireSteel Fire Starter, tinder for the firestarter, snake-bite kit, compass, space blanket, multi-tool, water purification tablets, parachute cord, razor blade, analgesics, band-aids, signal whistle, and other equipment.  The fly fishing "Go Kit" is designed to give you some simple equipment to help you if you get stranded or injured while out fly fishing in remote areas.