Overall Rating: 99.92%
Average Rating: 9.99/10
I am so disappointing you have to shut down. Your gear is awesome! I am going to speak to my club about buying some stuff in bulk.
Terry Nelson
If I could give you guys a 12 I would. I am so impressed with my FFB rod and reel, I will never pay big money for another rig again! Love you guys!
Tim Martin
Glad you guys are sticking around! Don't want to see you go like so many other fly stores! Hang in there!
Fred Simmons
If I could give you a 12 I would! Your gear is awesome and I really appreciate the free stuff you gave me in my starter set up. Thanks again for the help and great advice!
Taylor Greenwell
Gentlemen, Thanks for a great recommendation and some great gear! I was so impressed with the Hicks rod and the new Deschutes Reel! It is smooth as silk to cast and fish with. I'll be back soon for some more gear!
Brent Cobb
I can't think of a better deal anywhere around than what you guys gave me on my complete package set up. I heard about you from a friend and they swear by your gear and now, I do too! This is the best all around fly rod/reel package out there. Thanks!!!
Kelly Kirkpatrick
from TEAM7x at http://team7x.com

The new Deschutes V3 is now available from FFB. We are proud Pro Staff and supporters of Carl Craig and FFB's products and generous spirit.

This beautifully ported Deschutes 1 will accomodate 3-4 weight line with backing. We spooled up a 4 weight line with 50 or so yds. of backing. It takes about a minute to activate the push-button spool release, remove the screw-on gear and flip the bearing over to convert from left to right handed retrieve.
The drag, similar to previous versions is easily adjusted with the knob shown above. The new Version 3 drag is super sensitive and a slight turn of the knob increases or decreases pressure in small but noticeable increments. We had the opportunity to put a few nice fish on the reel recently on light drag and were solidly impressed!

Fully loaded, as described above, the Deschutes, CNC crafted from aircraft quality aluminum, weighed in at 5.5 ounces, about and ounce lighter than the earlier V2. Full specs at FFB.

All in all, at the bargain price point, this is a beautiful addition to your arsenal and perfect for a dollar conscious newcomer to fly fishing. Everett, Matt and I will be taking it out west later this month to the spring creeks in Montana and the classic cutthroat streams in Yellowstone National Park.

You'll love the Deschutes; pick up a few fly boxes or leader packs at super low pricing while you're at it and call Carl with any questions.

Pro Staff for Fly Fishing Benefactors
Tom, TEAM7x
Thank you for your note and generous inclusion of many Fly Fishing
Benefactors extras! I used the backing, line, loop connector, and
leader to completely rig my new Deschutes reel which I paired with the
San Juan rod your friend, my Uncle Steve, gave to me for my
college graduation. I am happy to report that I recently tried the
outfit out on the Taylor River in Colorado and it worked
spectacularly! I was able to catch many trout large and small (I have
attached a photo of one of the catches!) I really admire what you are
doing with the company and its emphasis on supporting the sport of fly
fishing. The quality and pricing of your products alone would make me
a loyal customer but the company's mission seals the deal.
H. Moore
Gentlemen, I wish to thank you for your expert service and reliability. I often speak poorly of my usual interactions with retail internet operations but you guys are definitely not the norm! Your equipment is great and you stand behind everything. Your customer service is the best I have experienced in a long, long while. Just thought I'd light you guys up for the day and let people know that you are the REAL DEAL!
Trevor McGonnigal
I have been following your page and blog for a few years, ever since I bought a Deschutes I (version 1 ?). I was on a trip up I-81 to Hagerstown from my home in Bristol Tennessee and decided to stop by the Rapidan TU show and meet you and see your new Deschutes 1 V3. Well, I was so impressed I bought the new reel and even bought your Jim Hicks fly rod as well. I don't get motivated to make special trips on a regular basis but what you do and what you do it for at Fly Fishing Benefactors, was motivation enough for me to make a small side trip. It was a pleasure to meet you. I love the new reel and rod, keep the faith and continue your path towards helping the benefit groups you support. A very honorable venture to say the least. KL
Kevin Landry
Thanks to the folks at FFB, I am a new fly fisher person! If my dad were alive today, I think he'd smile that I took up his favorite past time. Albeit a bit too late for us, I now understand what he was so excited about. I wish I would have found that passion earlier to enjoy it with him but I am glad I found FFB now to help me along. You guys are great!
Ellen Hastings
I wanted to take the time to let you know how impressed we are with the Fire Hole Reel. I have been shopping for the right reel for a while and I think I have found my answer for now and the future. That will be Fly Fishing Benefactors! Keep up the good work! Pete
Peter Clifton
Carl, thanks again for an exceptional experience! I am passing your company info and contact information to my inner circle. I am still marveling at the exceptional fly reels you make. Your fly boxes and other equipment is really well made as well. You are definitely an exceptional find! I'll stay in touch. I am looking forward to the new Deschutes reels.

Terry Lawson
Carl, you guys make great gear! I am soooo impressed with everything I recently purchased. I will be telling all my friends about Fly Fishing Benefactors. Have a great holiday season. Cya next year!
Tabetha Smalls
Thanks for all the help and recommendations for our Christmas gifts. The gear is great and I can't wait till the boys see it on Christmas Day! I will give you a follow up report after the holidays. This is truly nice gear! Cam
Cameron Settles
Absolutely the best deal for the money anywhere! I have bought cheap stuff to try it out and I have bought expensive stuff to try it out but FFB gear is by far, pound for pound, the best money can buy! Love your stuff! ALL OF IT!
Trevor Haskins
Dear Carl, I wanted to let you know that the Jim Hicks Signature rod was absolutely fabulous on my recent trip to Yellowstone. I have owned many fine, name-brand fly rods but I have to say, the Hicks rod was absolutely wonderful to cast and fish with and I consider it one of my favorite rods, expensive or otherwise. I think I will have to break down and get one of your new Deschutes Reels for Christmas. Have a happy Veterans day and thank you for your service! Phil
Phil Golden
What a wonderful experience I have had working with Fly Fishing Benefactors. I am new to fly fishing and ordered some stuff off the website when Carl calls me and explains I could save money by buying a combination (combo) set-up. Rare to have anyone let you know that the choice you made has better alternatives and refunds the difference. Well, now that I actually have the gear in hand, I have decided that the difference will go back in the way of a donation to Fly Fishing Benefactor's benefit groups. Thank you Carl!
Kathy Odom
What a great company!! Beyond the wonderful customer service and even better equipment, the fact that 100% of the proceeds are donated have made this my go to spot for my fishing needs. Knowing that many others will benefit from future purchases makes it even easier to find a reason for newer gear. Also, many thanks for your support of our armed forces service men and women. They are willing to risk all for our freedoms and are owed a debt a gratitude from each and every one of us. God bless.

Jason Webeck
Thanks for all the CFR goodies! Thank you for supporting the organization and the survivors, it makes a difference!
Brenda Watson
Thank you so much for all the helpful suggestions and answering a million questions for me to get this purchase right! This was totally over the top for me and for my brother. He is a good soldier and deserves to enjoy his free time and I figured what better way than to get him some fishing stuff! He loves it and I am happy he does. You guys are great!
Crystal Sparks
Top notch service with top notch gear! You guys are quick and have really nice stuff! Thanks for the last round of fly recommendations and the pointers in Oregon. I look forward to your new generation of reels.
Harold Young
Glad I met you on the Metolius last month. I have been very happy with my gear and have turned on a few friends to your company. I look forward to fishing with you next year! Jeff
Jeff Steadman
I wanted to write and thank you, as well as apologize for my harsh words on a recent order. There it was, plain as day that you were going to be on vacation and I ordered and fussed to you about the length of time it was taking for the order. Thanks for calling me to clear that issue up. I waited patiently and was absolutely blown away by the quality of the gear I purchased. Well worth the wait, even though I stressed myself out in the process. You have a new and loyal follower. Pete.
Peter Estes

I wanted to drop you a line and thank you for sending me the Jim Hicks fly rod, leaders and the free fly box. You have worked with me on a situation which was not your fault, and have treated me more than fairly. I yard casted the JH fly rod when I got it today and it is sweet. It is the best rod that I own, and I love how it feels and casts. This was a more expensive rod than the one I ordered, but you made sure that you treated the customer very well to cover a problem that you could not help. To get this quality of service is almost unheard of. I really want to thank you for this.
I have bought reels, fly line, leaders, and nets from you over the years. Always great quality and always great service. This experience was no exception. Thank you. The average person (of which I am definitely one) really needs to have a place to get great quality equipment at a great price with great service. I am glad that through your site, I can fly fish within my limited budget, and still have equipment that does the job and that I am proud of. I am also proud to support you because you support our troops and the challenges they face from service to our country.

God bless and thank you,

William Synan
William Synan
Great group of people at Fly Fishing Benefactors that sell great gear! I am so glad I took my friend's recommendation on your gear. I am hopelessly devoted to you!
Peter Maxwell
Thanks for all your help with selecting a rod and reel combination for my husband. He was shocked that I actually gave him something he could use and enjoy for once! He says he will be in touch with you on some other gear questions, as he has been absolutely ecstatic about the present I got him. Thank you, Kim
Kimberly Jamison
If I could give you a better rating than 10 I would! I don't do this kinda thing often but your work for Casting for Recovery got me so fired up. I miss my mom and I have to be ever vigilant myself. Your experience with breast cancer in your family and loved ones makes you a true supporter of the cause. Thank you for your support on the fight against Breast Cancer and your devoted time to a wonderful and peaceful sport we have come to appreciate. God Bless you! ST
Sarah Tarrant
Thank you for helping me out with a reel and rod selection for my grandson. He is most impressed with the equipment and is chomping at the bit to go fishing. You made my choices easy and I appreciate what you are doing with your donations. Regards, E
Elanor Freiz
Thanks for the great CFR gear! You make the nicest boxes and pins for us. Thank you for all you do to support CFR and our cause.
Connie Finnenger
Very nice gear! I appreciate your help in making my selections for the right gear. Your charity work is wonderful. Keep up the good work!
Edwin Morales
Nothing less than amazing effort you guys give to the sport. Thanks for all your great gear and work!
Kyle Pettigrew
Thank you for all you do for Casting for Recovery. We love the boxes and lapel pins! The pink fly rod tube is a big hit wherever I go. You should be getting referrals from those conversations. Hugs, Kim.
Kim Drollinger
Carl, thanks for helping me out of a jam on the Labor Day weekend. Your prompt response and shipping allowed for me to ensure complete satisfaction to the "Masterson Fishing Team." We thoroughly enjoyed the trip and your guidance and advice was greatly appreciated. The FFB rods and reels are an outstanding value and we had loads of fun fly fishing. I learned a lot about fly fishing from my father and uncle but I had no idea where technology had gone in this sport, let alone the prices. You made me feel good about my choices in gear and my wallet didn't feel deflated at the same time. I highly recommend your gear and services to everyone. I realize you have a real job and a family to take care of but your dedication to your craft is above and beyond. The Masterson family thanks you for your service to both the country and to Fly Fishing Benefactors.
Kelly Masterson
Thank you so much for helping me find an outstanding gift for my father. He loves the fly fishing gear and brags about it to all his friends. I am not sure if it is the gear or the fact that his daughter got him something useful for the first time in his life. In any case, I appreciate your help and your customer service. I will surely come back and see you in the future for more fly fishing needs.
Penny Darymple
You guys are incredible! I appreciate your help and support in my fly fishing development. I am amazed that you can find the time with your busy schedule to support your benefit groups and devote the time that you do to the programs that you support. They should really appreciate all your efforts. I have a family and a career and I barely have time for my personal habits. I hope you get out fishing this year! Good luck and keep up the good work!
Edwin Morales
I've purchased from you folks on ebay and now through your website. Excellent products, service and price!
I sure would like to see FFB shirts/hats etc for sale.
Ed Sauer
I recently discovered you on the web and purchased a Pack Rod some time ago. My friends liked the pack rod so much, they too came and bought one from you as well. We all enjoy mountain streams and dragging a ton of gear up a mountain is not cool but your pack rod is awesome for convenience. I is lightweight and very versatile. Your gear is great, keep up the good work!
I just wanted to say thanks for all your help in getting me started in fly fishing. I have had a lot of advice from friends and family and after looking at your gear and having my friends and family help me make a good choice, I picked Fly Fishing Benefactors. Not only was I impressed with the gear, my friends and family, who have been fly fishing for many years, expressed their disbelief when they saw the quality of your gear and the price tags hanging from it. You don't have to spend a lot of money to get quality gear and what you do for the Casting for Recovery program, sure impressed my mom. Thanks again and we'll be seeing you!
Ben Littleton
I met you at the NCTU Show. Your gear is fabulous and I am so happy with it! The Metolius reel is sweet and the TFO rod is so nice too. I'm glad I came to see you and found such a bargain! Got any more of those $6/dozen flies?
Noah Hunsaker
I recently started fly fishing and a friend recommended that I take a look at your website for my equipment. I found your descriptions and videos to be helpful in my selection process and when I had really tough questions, I called your 877 number and you answered them for me. I am very pleased with my TFO rod and my Fly Fishing Benefactors fly reel and equipment. It is of quality workmanship and a great reputation. I look forward to bettering my skills and learning more about fly fishing. Thank you for your help. I forgot to mention that I am also very impressed with your charitable work. Good luck and we'll be talking to you soon!
Kelly Springer
I recently purchased the Jim Hicks Signature Fly Rod combo and wanted to commend you on such an incredible grouping of equipment. The rod rivals anything I have ever owned and the Metolius Fly Reel is exceptionally smooth and stylish. Nicer than most of my more expensive reels. The line, the backing, the leaders, the fly box and all the other accompanying equipment is of great quality and value as well! This is perhaps the best package deal I have ever seen in my 25 years of fly fishing! Everything in the combo is of top quality and the price was just too good to be true. Fly Fishing Benefactors is the best bargain I've discovered on the Internet! I'll be back soon for some more gear!
Billy Woodring
Being new to fly fishing, I ask a lot of questions. And surprisingly enough, you guys answered them all honestly and sincerely. So, when I decided to take the plunge and use my hard-earned cash on your gear, I was confident that I wouldn't be disappointed. I was right! You guys made my choices simple and clear and backed up your statements with classy and professionally manufactured equipment. I am proud of my FFB gear and I am proud that I am helping sponsor great organizations such as Project Healing Waters and Casting for Recovery. I'll be back when I need anything in the likes of fly fishing gear!
Aaron Frierson
I've never placed an order before where the company would contact me and offer me a better deal that I overlooked on their web store. You guys are alright in my book! You offer discounts when no one else will, you stand behind your products and furthermore, you support worthwhile causes in the process. On top of it all, you guys build incredible gear too! I know where I will go first for any fly fishing gear. The FFB website!
Jeffery Fedderman
I recently bought a complete combo and fished with a guide in Tennessee. The guide was impressed with the gear and less impressed with my abilities to use the equipment. Anyway, everything performed so well that I am ready to try another rod/reel size and a different type of fish. I'll be getting my gear at FFB for sure. Thanks for your great gear and customer service!
Karen Halley
Just wanted to speak my peace here on the site about the effort that FFB has undertaken to support worthwhile causes such as CFR and PHW. The gear at FFB is incredible and a value at three times the price! I am so excited about all my new stuff and I'm looking to get more. Keep up the good work CC! See you at the symposium in July.
Everett and I at TEAM7x have recently been lawn testing the new Jim Hicks signature rod with the Metolius and the Deschutes reels. With the warmer weather in the Northeast we finally were able to get out on the water and this is a most impressive fly rod! The two tips as a standard offering for the Jim Hicks is a bonus. This rod casts beautifully and is very well appointed for the price range. The ferrule system,guide dots, wraps and reel seat are the mark of a far more expensive offering. We reviewed the great Snake I reel earlier, but I have to say the Deschutes and Metolius are in the same quality range; simply great looking, lightweight and solid construction and very affordable. We will be featuring these reels and the Jim Hicks signature rod as part of our no charge basic fly casting programs this spring in eastern Connecticut. We're also featuring the Swing Lid Keeper Box as part of a special fly offer. I recently switched out several larger boxes and consolidated flies into this compact design and lightened the load considerably!

Keep up the great work Carl. Your products are first rate and we salute your commitment to your fine causes!

Tom Daniels
Everett Thornton
Tom Daniels, TEAM7x
I just arrived home in England and wanted to thank you for your gift recommendations. My family is a fly fishing band of merry men and they really appreciated your finely crafted equipment I brought home to them! Glad I stopped by the show in Bethesda before heading home to the UK. I have bookmarked your webpage and will be sending you an International order soon! Cheers. G
Graham Paulson
You guys are incredible. Thanks for the help and great tips on picking out the right gear for my needs. You are patient, helpful and very honest with your opinions. I am glad I met you guys. New order coming soon!
Jesse Esperanza
As storybook endings go, you guys put the icing on the cake. Last year I bought a complete Shenandoah package for my father and earlier this year I bought a San Juan package from you at the Richmond Fishing show. Now, I am completing the trifecta with the Mountain Pack Rod package. Your gear is an absolute "Best" for value for dollar and now I think I will eventually get your Jim Hicks combo as well. In doing so, I will have spent less than $900 for four complete fly rod and fly reel combo packages including CNC machined reels, high-modulus carbon rods, line, leaders, fly boxes and flies. I couldn't be happier with the gear I have and I'm sure the future gear will also prove to be great stuff that can't be topped for twice the money! My family is an FFB family now, through and through! Thanks for all the help with the gear selection and your customer service! I'll see you guys in Waynesboro!
Phillip Reynolds

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