Overall Rating: 99.92%
Average Rating: 9.99/10
I have purchased equipment from you since 2007 and I recently wanted to buy a Deschutes II for my nephew and was surprised to see the same price for the reel, that I paid way back in 2007! In a world of increasing prices and decreasing quality, you set a trend that is hard to beat. Your Deschutes II has been improved with the new quick-retreive change feature, yet the price is the same as it was 5 years ago! Amazing value and an amazing company! Thanks for your superior customer service and value!
Abraham Silverman
I have been buying gear from you for years and I just have to say something in your testimonial page. Your equipment is unbeatable for the price and no one should buy anything anywhere else before they try your gear out. Your gear is hands down the best product for value in the fly fishing world that I have ever seen. From boxes, to line, to rods and reels, it is truly a quality line of gear for bargain-basement prices!
Chris Kellerman
Your Clear keeper boxes are the bomb! I bought a few last month when they first came out and have purchased a dozen or so since then for gifts to friends and family. Very nice gear for the money!
Pablo Ibanez
I just fished the Jim Hicks rod I purchased last month and I am quite impressed with the feel and the flex of the rod. I wanted you to know that I got great compliments on the rod from friends who use the "Big name" brand rods and they all said that the Jim Hicks rod is a superb rod for the money and it even rivals the best out there for 3-4 times the money!
Jim Freeman
I just got some of the new see-through keeper boxes and they are just incredible! Great value for the buck! I am sending friends to your site to get these!
Just received the packages, the Jim Hicks Signature fly rod is great; I like the color, it's a nicer version of "cobalt blue" than I've seen on other blanks and the reel matches perfectly. For a critique... the rod is very functional in construction, the "bling" doesn't detract from function. Alignment marks are a nice touch; making full wraps to place them on is a little extravagant but they look good and the extra weight doesn't appear to affect the rods action. The epoxy finish is top notch, no bubbles, even edges, no excess footballing on the guides. The wraps are tight and consistent in pattern although I prefer to put my thread transitions on the "dark side" of the rod where you don't see them when using the rod. The grip is a very good grade of cork and the shrink tubing is appretiated. The Winding check and hook-keeper are an excellect touch and nicely done. The reel seat is rather plain in comparison to the rest of the rod; fully functional and high quality, just plain looking. A "cobalt blue" tint on the reel seat would add some wow factor to it or a stainless steel finish would match the winding check and guides. All in all, the package of rod, tube, reel and line kit are professionally selected and assembled, make a very good presentation, and are underpriced :)

Comment from Carl Craig - CEO Fly Fishing Benefactors - Jim Hicks my mentor and good friend, who I named this fly rod after, would have appreciated the objective comments of a professional fly rod builder who also happens to be named Jim Hicks. Thanks Jim.
Jim Hicks
I am a rookie when it comes to fly fishing and fly fishing gear. My late father turned me on to the FFB website. He wasn't really a fly fisherman either, but loved to dabble in it and had ordered a few little things from Carl. I recently decided it was time to order some gear and I'm just totally impressed with what arrived in the mail. I've shown several of my "more experienced" fly fishing friends my equipment and they are simply amazed at the quality and even more so the price. Carl offers superbly well-made fly fishing gear at a price that's affordable to everyone. FFB's level of service is second to none and I highly recommend them to seasoned fly-fishing veterans as well as double-digit handicappers like myself.
Jeffrey Snow
Great Stuff! I am so impressed with your gear. I have to pass your company site on to my friends and family. Not only do you offer a great product for a great price, your support of veterans and cancer organizations is very admirable. Truly a unique company in this day and market. Keep up the good work!
S. Malinowski
Thanks for the great gear! I was doing an Internet search and found your website when I was looking for a rubber net. I started viewing your videos on your reels and fly rods and was pretty much impressed to the point that I thought I'd give you a try. I am so glad that I did! You have some really nice gear and your Customer Service is top notch as well. I'll be telling my friends about you!
P Middleton
I have purchased a lot of fly gear in my life but I have to admit, before the Middleburg show this year, I had never heard of you guys. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that you aren't known in your circles, I just never heard of Fly Fishing Benefactors until last Saturday. Glad I found out about you though! Your gear is just amazing for the price! You guys are the real deal! I bought a Shenandoah rod combo at the show and I just ordered a Snake reel with a spare spool on your website. I should have gotten that reel and spool at the show but the wife was with me. Anyway, I just had to drop you a line to let you know, I am cleaning out my closet and I have a new favorite rod and reel set-up now. It is a Fly Fishing Benefactors combo!
T. Thompson
I just got the Jim Hicks rod and the Metolius II in your combo offer. The Jim Hicks rod, matched with the Metolius II fly reel is a fabulous set up! I am truly amazed that you can make such quality gear for such an affordable price! I'll be back for more gear. Now I know that I have been paying way too much for other gear when I can get as good or better gear at FFB for less money! Thanks for the quality and customer service.
T. Baker
I truly love the color and function of the new limited and numbered PHW fly reel. It is a very nice piece of gear and the support it provides PHW is outstanding! I also like the unique packaging. Thank you for your support of the program. As a disabled veteran myself, I appreciate your efforts to make a service member's return from a traumatic injury a good one. PHW is a great program and I hope you continue to support them!
D. Sherry
I am extremely impressed with the cost and the fantastic quality of your products. I recently purchased the Metolius I which came with reel pouch, fly line (100 ft.) 100 yards of 20 lb backing, three leaders and two loop connections for a great price. To be honest, I bought the reel as a backup. The reel I have been fishing with costs about three times more that the Metolius package. I was not expecting such quality in the reel. I was really blown away. I wish I had found the Fly Fishing Benefactor web site before I spent so much on a "big name" reel. Your products are the best!!
This is a sweet reel and it will be my "go to" from now on.
I also am very impressed that FFB supports such important groups for our war fighters. I will certainly be back to your "web store" in the future. God Bless.
D. Synan
I was lucky enough to be able to see your public release of the new Jim Hicks Fly Rod at the Richmond Expo. I read your wonderful blogspot entry about how the Jim Hicks rod came to be and who Jim Hicks was. I was moved by the story and I am here to say that the rod is quite exceptional! Infact, the rod is superb! It is beautiful and crafted so well, I am truly impressed with your undertaking. The spare tip and the aluminum rod tube is an added value and for $219, an impressive buy. I like the feel and the flex of the rod and it delivers very spirited and accurate casts with little effort. It also balances very nicely with the Metolius II fly reel I purchased from you. Your gear has been one of the most satisfying purchases I have made in a while! Thank you and keep up the good work at FFB!
P. Taylor
I cannot imagine a better way to get three teenagers to fly fish then to buy all three an identical set up (less a few minor differences) for around the cost of 1 expensive fly rod. I mean, three rods, three reels, line, fly boxes, flies, the whole-nine-yards for around $500 and shipped FREE for the Holidays. Super good deal on some really nice stuff. Steve at SwitchFisher is dead on with his analysis of your gear! It is top quality stuff for an unbeatable price! Thanks again and have a Happy Holiday Season.
No name given
Not only does the Project Healing Waters (PHW) new limited edition and numbered fly reel look and perform nicely, I appreciate where the proceeds are going. It also matches quite nicely on the TFO PHW 5-Weight fly rod I purchased from you last year. I was wondering, does the spool from the earlier 2008 PHW Limited Reel fit the new 2010 PHW Limited Reel? I could use a different colored spool for a 6-weight line and easily identify them at a glance. Keep up the good work and I look forward to the Jim Hicks rod at Christmas time!

Mr. Landry, the 2008 PHW spool will fit on the 2010 PHW Limited and Numbered Fly Reel. They are machined from the same pattern and will fit perfectly. I hope this helps. Carl
E. Landry
I bought your Metolius I to use exclusively with my 7.2 Bamboo rod and it works perfectly. I wanted to get the old Deschutes I in a gold but when I saw the unique pattern on the Metolius, I knew this would be the reel I needed. It is a precision made piece of gear and I am quite surprised at the value, considering all my other options.
M. Kennedy
I bought the Metolius as soon as I saw the picture on the website. It is as nice or nicer than my Orvis Mirage for a fraction of the price! I like it so much I am ordering one for my father-in-law as well. Your gear is an incredible value and when you understand where you donate your proceeds, I find your equipment all the more appealing! I'll be back for more. I can't wait to see the new rod too!
K. Anderson
When I ran across your website on a Google Search for a fly reel, I was wondering why the prices were so low on what appeared to be really nice gear. I read your reviews and I read your testimonials and decided that your gear had to be worth a try. Wow, all I can say is, Wow! I am so impressed with the quality and the precision of your gear and I am astonished at the prices too. You really have a quality line of fly fishing equipment that beats anything I have seen for the price. Thanks for your suggestions on the line selection and the flies. We'll be back for more gear and you can bet I'll be recommending your stuff to my friends and family as well.
G. Omernick
Dude, took the gear I purchased out for a test run finally. Shad are running. While a 3-4 weight may be a little light all I can say is WOW! OK Need more gear. 5-6 weight. Rod and Reel! Line package the works... You should know I am a little cynical. Your prices are so low and Cavat Emptor and all. Or, Anything too good to be true probably isn't. YOU HAVE PROVEN THEM ALL WRONG! The quality is there and the price is unbeatable. Top of the line gear for less than what all others are selling entry level stuff.
C. Horan, Retired
Not too often I will write about an experience but in this case, I feel compelled to do so. I have been fly fishing for over 40 years and I have had my share of good and bad experiences with equipment and companies. Never, have I had a situation where a company bent over backwards to accommodate my needs and on top of that, provided me with perhaps the nicest equipment I have ever purchased. Your gear is really nice, honestly, it is really nice! I am ready to change out my entire gear line with FFB equipment. If you made a 7/8 and a 9/10, I'd buy one of those too. I am eager to see your new reel for the fall and I am also anxious to learn more about your new fly rod too. I look forward to your new gear. Thanks again for all your help!
T. Amos
I recently came by your table at the PHWFFI 2-Fly event. I thought you were just selling the PHW gear. Then I discover you are the company that is making the equipment. I heard so much about the PHW fly reel and the fly boxes and finally got to see them in person. I actually asked my wife to pinch me because I thought I was dreaming when I saw your reels and fly boxes and the price tags hanging off them. What an incredible value and you donate your proceeds too. God Bless people like you for helping our veterans and for giving the rest of us a great product to happily buy and support our veterans too. What a remarkable career you have and I am truly impressed with your credentials. Why someone like you would go through all the trouble you do to make it a little better for the veterans became clear when you told me you were a disabled veteran too. Thank you for your service and thank you for your efforts with PHW. They have a wonderful program. It made me feel good when that soldier came up and thanked you for the net you gave him at the event. I'm sure it did the same for you too. Good luck and I hope you are immensely successful for many reasons!
E. Catoe
I recently met you and learned about your company at the Virginia Fly Fishing Festival. I am from Tennessee and drove up for a meeting in Pittsburgh but decided to come by the festival over the weekend. The Virginia Fly Fishing Festival is a very nice event and a wonderful place to learn about people and companies like yourself. I bought a couple of your reels. The Deschutes II and a Rapidan. I brought them home and showed my friends and they have told me they bought some gear off of you too. We have all decided that we need to shop around a little more and also not condemn the smaller, more difficult to recognize fly fishing manufacturing name companies. We always assumed that you got what you paid for. Well, not anymore! Fly Fishing Benefactors makes absolutley great gear! We get quality without a high price and that is always good! Glad I visited the Festival and I am glad I found FFB. We'll stay in touch, I have that group that wants to build some aluminum fly boxes for their church. Thanks again.
B. Whittier
I recently ordered a "All you need is a stream deal" on-line through your website. I have been fishing the Deschutes and San Juan rod pretty hard for a month or so. The other day I noticed a fleck on the second section of the rod. Upon closer examination, it appeared as though I may have had incidental contact with a foreign object and creased the coating on the blank. It is obvious it was not a manufacturing flaw. As not to leave my self stranded with a broken rod one day, I called up to inquire as to how the "no-fault" warranty system worked and you had a second piece out to me in 2 days time. Granted, it was my fault and I am willing to pay for my mistake but it is nice to know I can call your shop, get a human being to answer the phone and get guidance and support on a problem with your gear, whether it is my fault or not. I have bought other stuff and there was no one to be found when I had a problem. I have confidence that you'll take care of the situation no matter what. That is rare in today's market. It makes me feel better about my purchase with your company. Thanks for the support and the great gear!
C. Clements
I met you at the Bethesda fly show today and I wanted to thank you for taking the time to discuss your equipment. As busy as it was, you made every effort to ensure I was properly schooled on your reel capabilities. I picked the Rapidan based on the price and the value. I think to be able to buy a nice reel, line and leaders for under $60 is nearly an impossible task these days. Not with Fly Fishing Benefactors! I was so impressed that I could load an entire 100-yard spool of 20-pound backing AND my 5weight floating line on this reel, I got on your website and ordered another one with 6weight line for my smallie rod! lol 2 nice reels and a full line deal for less than $125. I can truly be happy about that. You are gonna do well with your gear. It hits the right market segment like you said, not expensive, not cheap but nicely made and a very fair price! Thanks Carl for the wonderful gear.
S. Peppers
Well, the weather actually forced me to do something indoors today and I remembered that the NCC-TU fly show was at Georgetown Prep. I grabbed my dad and we scrambled over to check out the gear prospects. We found your booth later in the morning and we looked at your equipment and you described all the attributes with detail. We wandered around the rest of the show and finally realized that dollar-for-dollar, your gear represented the best value at the show! We came back and purchased the San Juan Fly Rod combo with the Deschutes fly reel and we came home. I had to get on your website and order a few more things tonight after I put the rod together and lined my reel. I went out in the rain and casted the new set-up in my back yard. I am really, really impressed with this combination and I got everything, including a box, line, and flies for under $200. I have already called my friends in Silver Springs to have them come over and look at the set-up. No doubt, you'll be getting some orders from them soon. Thanks for coming to the NCC-TU show this year and we hope you continue to be a vendor there!
C. Langdon

I recently bought the San Juan Fly Rod with the Fire Hole II fly reel package. I read the reviews and I followed all the testimonials on your page, reviewed all your videos on the set up and I felt like I was in for a good gear set up for the price. When the package got here, I was extremely surprised. Your gear is far better than the pictures, video and the descriptions! This stuff is really remarkable in quality and finish. It looks good and it works good. I am extremely happy with my package deal. I am spreading the word, hopefully you'll have a few more customers from my neck of the woods.
D. Chappell
I was so looking forward to the Middleburg show. The Rapidan TU guys have always put together a great show. I was devistated when I heard the show was cancelled. Well, for as much snow as we got, the Rapidan TU club should be commended for making a tough decision that was right! Well, I went from gloomy to happy when I found out you guys were having an inventory reduction sale. See, I could still shop for fly fishing gear without taking my life in my hands driving to Middleburg! I have needed a new spare spool for my Deschutes I fly reel and when I saw I was gonna get a FREE fly box too, I thought, SWEET! Anyway, the new little FFB Foam Plastic Fly Box is NICE! I like it a lot. I am going to order a few more for me and my kid's set-up. For $5 (and even better if you buy multiples), I think it is a bargain that can't be beat. I know you said these were gonna be a trial box, I think you got a winner with these boxes! See you in March at NCC-TU (hopefully no snow).
P. Elliott
I wanted to thank you for all the time you spent with me at the Outdoor Sportsman's Show helping me decide on the right set-up for my experience. I looked at your gear at the show and, as you suggested, went home and did some research on my options. Instead of ordering on your website, I came back to the show to buy the gear in person and once again, you made some very good suggestions (which I followed) and finally settled on the San Juan set-up with the Snake II fly reel. I appreciate your time and effort and I think you have a customer that will stick by you, not because your gear is great but you honestly care that we get what we need and spend no more money than we have to, to achieve our needs and personal satisfaction levels. It also helps that when you get the gear you should, that it looks nice, has a quality feel to it and you can be proud to use it and show it to other people. I look forward to your new gear line in the summer.
P. Alexander
I really like the color on the Snake fly reel and I am a firm believer in camouflage! The Brookies are known to be able to see color so not having contrasting colors on your person and your gear are helpful when sneaking up on those little beauties. The Snake embodies true performance, value and is really a work of art! Keep up the good work over there Carl!
T. Truluck
Just got my Rapidan with the FREE line kit and I have to say that it is a bargain without the free stuff! The reel is functional, versitile, and most importantly, very affordable. There is no need to buy expensive stuff when you can get the job done with FFB's gear! Thanks again for a great deal!
A. Lemieux
I just received my new 2009 Project Healing Waters aluminum fly boxes and they are great! The new mini box fits perfectly into my webbed vest lower pockets. The full-sized foam/foam box is so nice and clean. It is a marvel on the precision in the making of these boxes. I bought the same box from Orvis and spent three times the money on it. I am glad that proceeds from the sales of these boxes support Project Healing Waters. Thank you for a great product and a great program to support Project Healing Waters!
P. Peterson
I bought two Rapidan reels for my boys and to get the FREE line kit with each was an absolute Christmas treat! A very nice reel, reel case, fly line, backing, loop connectors and 3 leaders for $45 is as good as it gets for a holiday bargain. Thank you again Fly Fishing Benefactors for a Hard to Beat Holiday bargain!
P. Freaney
I have been waiting for the Rapidan reel to come out since I saw the prototype at the Middleburg Fly Fishing Show. When I got the e-mail that they were available to pre-order, I ordered two reels. Just got them today and I am quite pleased that I have two very nice cnc'd and composite fly reels in the 3/5 weight class. They hold plenty of backing and for their size, balance well with either my favorite 4-weight Scott or my San Juan 5/6 rod. They are quiet and built tough and I have a regular "go-to" reel already set up on my favorite rigs now. Once again, FFB builds another true bargain!
A. McCorrison
I met Carl at the Virginia Fly Fishing Festival last April and he showed me the new Snake Reel he was building. I pre-ordered the fly reel as soon as I got the email from Carl they were on the way and I got my reel today and it is all it was cracked up to be. I can't wait to fish the reel this weekend. Carl and FFB are way ahead of the rest of the companies out there. These new reels and the quality of all the gear FFB makes has convinced me that there are reasons to shop around and do your research. After doing so, you need to try the gear that appeals to you and has good write-ups from reviews and testimonials. FFB makes such great stuff for a very, very reasonable price. It is hard to beat! I hope my input here has a positivie affect on the FFB cash register! Don't forget, FFB donates almost every penny they make to great programs like Project Healing Waters.
S. Carpenter
I purchased a San Juan Fly Rod package deal with the Deschutes II Gold fly reel at the the Middleburg Fly Show in February of 2009. I have been fishing the gear for about 8 months without a hitch. On a recent trip, I hiked into a stream in Maryland and slipped on a concrete drain and dropped my fly rod and reel. I have done this many times and I have developed a "procedure" to try and "save" the rod from damage by gently tossing the rod up in the air before I slam into the ground. Sounds like I am a clumsy oaf but actually I am not, despite the number of times I have slipped and fallen while fly fishing. They don't call the stuff "rock-snot" for nothing! : ) Anyway, I broke the rod in the middle of the second section when it came crashing down on the same concrete drain as I had impacted seconds before. I had to hike back to my truck to get my back-up rod to finish the trip and started the process to get my rod fixed with FFB when I got home that night. Matt was quick to respond and indicated he could execute a "no-fault" replacement process which replaces the broken piece of the rod for a fixed price plus shipping and handling ($12). I admitted that I had broken the rod myself and there was no question as to the workmanship of the rod as I don't know that a Boeing 747 could have survived the impact the rod took. Anyway, 6 days later, I had a new second piece to my favorite fly rod. I feel comfortable knowing I can get immediate service and a replacement part for my fly rod in less than a week even when it is my fault. Getting the fly rod back into action in minimum time is more important to me. Matt offered to look the rod over but I knew it would be obvious the rod took an extreme and blunt side load. Matt was very careful to go over the warranty policy with me and explained how they would stand behind the workmanship of the product. I know that Matt and FFB would do exactly that so I am pleased they are willing to stand behind their product. He also suggested I read Steve Moore's Switch Fisher review on the Mountain Pack Rod and consider carrying one of those as a back up fly rod, to preclude a long hike back for back up gear. I am looking into that too - Great idea! The San Juan is my favorite rod. It is my favorite for a lot of reasons but actually because it is good gear at a good price and it has a company willing to stand behind it. It doesn't get any better than that!
J. Gentry
I recently discovered your reels (and other equipment) through an Internet search and started comparing the pricing and performance against the known contenders. I was quite skeptical about your gear at first but after talking with you guys and asking a lot of questions (thanks for the lengthy and friendly replies), I decided to give your gear a chance and bought the Fire Hole II fly reel. Since I have bought and used the reel, I have showed it to my friends and they all started giving me grief about buying a "no-name" brand. When I explain what you do with your profits and after a few of them fished the reel, I have generated genuine controvery in Michigan on whether my buds will leave their mainstay gear and migrate to your equipment. Well, our last outing was quite the revelation when i discover not just one but two of my friends had bought your reels, line, and fly rods too. They all rave about the price, the quality and the performance. I think what really gets them excited is what you do with your proceeds too. It is refreshing to know that someone is willing to make the effort to build such good gear and also give the proceeds to groups that deserve the help. Keep up the good work and we'll be sending in a new order soon!
J. Conway
I have been flyfishing for 30 years and I own all kinds of equipment. I was always of the belief that the price of flyfishing gear does not always mean quality. I have bought expensive rods that I got rid of right away and I have bought less expensive reels and rods that I still own and use today. I found your website on an Internet search and I was interested in the programs that you support (specifically PHW) and when I started looking at your gear, I decided I had to try it out, if not to just support the troops. Well, I have found that your gear is by far the best value-added product line I have run accross in my lifetime! From rods to reels, to boxes to line and leaders, your gear is a fantastic value! I have told my friends about your site and your efforts and they are all gonna come see you soon. I too, will return when I need some more gear. Thank you for your efforts with the PHW group and thank you for building a great set of flyfishing gear!
A. Conroy
Thanks for the great setup I bought from you at the Virginia Fly Fishing Festival. I actually went online and learned how to do all the knots for the lines..and had fun. Promptly went out with my son to our local pond and caught some bluegill with it and had a blast. The only problem I can see is that it's a friggin' work of art and I want to place it above my mantel instead of fishin' with it!! My wife is gunna kill me. :) It's a real pleasure also to tell my fishin' buddies about the rod and your company and your benefit programs. Keep up the good work. Peace...
J. Dixon
Just wanted to say that these (PHWFF) boxes are outstanding, not only for the price, but the quality and they are for a great cause. Also, thanks for the OUTSTANDING SERVICE! I received my order within 3 business days of ordering. You can't beat the service or prices. I will definitely be looking to you all first for my future purchases. I'm currently in the Air Force at Travis AFB, CA. You all are doing great things for others and providing outstanding service to customers in the process. Also, thank you for your service to your country.
J. Fetter
I attended the annual Rapidan Chapter Middleburg Fly Fishing Show again this year as I always do and was I glad I decided to sneak back into the back room to find you. I found your gear to be incredibly precise and amazingly affordable! When I hear people say they need to hold off on spending their money on expensive gear, I think about what I bought for less than $200 and say Malarky! You CAN get a good deal on fly fishing gear if you know what to look for and you know a bargain when you see it. And, all of your gear in the "All you need is a Stream" deal is exactly that. A quality carbon fly rod, a machined CNC aluminum fly reel, line kit, a beautiful aluminum fly box, a line nipper, and a dozen flies for $190! What a sweet deal! I have fished the Shenandoah rod and I am extremely impressed with the way it casts and I say it is far better than my comparable TFO rod for less money. The Deschutes fly reel is as sweet a reel you could find for under $70 and the rest is just gravy. I love your gear and I love your business model. Thanks for everything.
J. Beckworth
Finally, an organization that fills the void between expensive shops and not-so expensive on-line shops. I went to the Chantilly Sportsman's show for the first time in years. First, it is a lot smaller and second I found only one booth selling fly fishing gear. I almost walked right by your booth as I didn't recognize your name but Fly Fishing Benefactors was the best stop of the day for me! What caught my eye were all these really nice looking reels on display, as well as fly rods and fly boxes. Then I find out that Fly Fishing Benefactors manufactures all this stuff for their private label and Wow! You guys make some incredible gear! Everything I touched on your table was absolutely flawless in build quality and I was super impressed with the history behind the founding and history of your company. I was REALLY impressed when I found out that you donate the proceeds of the sales of your fly fishing gear to organizations like Project Healing Waters, Trout Unlimited and Federation of Fly Fishers. I was able to get some great gear from you and meet Steve Moore from Switch Fisher. I could not have been more fortunate. Great gear from you guys and some great tips from Steve. I'll be shopping your website in the future. No sense in going out on the town for a wasted trip when I can shop your site on the Internet and get everything I need. Thanks again for efforts and I applaud your professionalism and conscientious efforts to support organizations that work to help us all become better fly fishers!
P. Weathers
In the almost two years I have been visiting Fly Fishing benefactors on line, I have noticed a couple of things. First, the product line is getting bigger and second, the prices have stayed the same! While others have raised their prices to manage the recent economic downturn, FFB has stayed the course and continued to deliver a quality product for a very fair and unwavering price! In fact, all of the FFB line has improved features and availability yet the price has stayed constant! That is an incredible statement for the current market conditions. You should be applauded for your efforts to keep the gear standard high and the price low. I promise, I will shop you first, where I know I can count on your efforts to maintain a high standard of quality and a constant stream of funding to those organizations that support fly fishing. Thank you again for your support!
C. Lambert
I had done an Internet search to find a Dakota Angler II Watch and found the FFB webstore. It has the lowest price on the watch anywhere. After buying the watch, I looked around on the website and decided that I would try and take up fly fishing. I asked a few friends who directed me to my local TU Chapter here in North Carolina and they recommended gear I should get to start. I was so happy with my Angler II watch, I came to FFB where Matt and Carl were able to set me up with a great starter set-up. I am very pleased with the customer support and the very nice equipment I was able to get from FFB. I have found the true fly fishing support organization in FFB and will continue to get recommendations on fly fishing and buy their equipment.
J. Corneilius
I wanted to thank you for all your efforts to get the right gift for some picky fly fishers. Matt was very helpful with selecting and recommending the gear and when a shipping glitch came up (not FFB's fault), Carl was able to get that situation squared away to ensure a wonderful Christmas for the pickiest fly fishers in New Hampshire! Thanks again for the exceptional gear and the top-notch customer service, you'll be seeing us again soon!
W. Schuyler
I wanted to thank you for helping me with my broken rod. Way down here in the back country of Brazil, you cannot go to a store and get your rod fixed so easily. I broke the rod myself but you helped me get the broken part so I could continue to use the rod and fish. I am very happy customer and you will expect more business from me.
E. Ortega
I recently purchased the Fire Hole II Fly Reel based on an advertisement and reading your testimonials. I am amazed at how smooth and quiet the reel is. I am so used to the noisy clicking on my Abel that this has allowed me to appreciate fly fishing so much more by not hearing all the extra noise. The reel is incredibly well built and functional. It is sleek and very stylish and matches my Scott rod very nicely. I cannot get over how nice this reel is for the price. You truly have a winner in the Fire Hole and now I am interested in your new Snake reel when it comes out. Keep on keeping on and continue to build this fine equipment for us. I appreciate your efforts in the equipment and supporting all these great organizations too.
J. Winslow
I am fortunate to have the opportunity to visit the FFF Southern Conclave in Mt. Home (Arkansas) every year as I live close by. This year, I was looking at the donated gear that is up for auction and was surprised to find an incredible reel I had never heard of before. The Fire Hole II Reel from Fly Fishing Benefactors (FFB) was the most incredible reel I have ever seen! I put in a bid and promptly went home to do some research and found that the reel was donated by FFB to the Conclave to raise money. When I didn't win the reel I was extremely disappointed but was extremely pleased when I had the opportunity to buy one from the FFB website and, for less than $150! This is really a sweet reel and I can honestly say, my new favorite!
T. Andrews
I am a veteran of the Gulf War and I am happy to be affiliated with Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing (PHWFF) and Fly Fishing Benefactors (FFB). Both are great supporters of the veteran community and the unselfish support given to PHW by Carl Craig and FFB does not go unnoticed by the veterans! Our veterans appreciate the support!
D. Howe
I was fishing the Deschutes River near La Pine Oregon last month when I happened across a fly fisherman who was just tearing it up there. I watched for a few minutes hoping to learn some techniques and also, to get up enough courage to ask what he had tied onto his line. As I approached the gentleman, he smiled and offered a "Hello." We chatted and I asked about the flies he was using. He quickly pointed out what his strategy was and that he had years of experience on this stretch of river. He mentioned that he named his first reel after this river and then I was really intrigued! Mr. Craig introduced himself and let me look at his gear. He offered to let me fish with the set-up and I happily obliged him. After catching a few fish, I handed the gear back to him and asked how I could check out his other gear and he gave me the website address. I went back to my hotel and bought a complete set-up. When I got back to Texas, the gear was already there. I have since fished the gear on a few local ponds and streams but plan on heading back to Oregon this fall and try the Deschutes reel on the Deschutes river as I did last month. So, a chance meeting with a fly fisherman on the Deschutes has me believing that you can get great gear that works for a very reasonable price if you look for it or bump into the owner on a stream.
R. Brown

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