If you have lost or need a FFB Warranty registration Form, please e-mail us at sales@flyfishingbenefactors.com and request one.  This primarily refers to individuals who purchase our equipment at shows and events and not necessarily those that purchase our equipment from our website.

Please ensure that you register all your FFB products by completing and returning the warranty registration form for your FFB Stream Series Reel, Rod or other equipment. Please mail the warranty registration form to us at: Fly Fishing Benefactors - 26060 Nimbleton Square - South Riding, Virginia 20152.  If you purchase your gear from our website, you are automatically registered into our warranty database system.

Your Fly Fishing Benefactors Fly Rod and Fly Reel is warranted from the factory for 1-Year for workmanship and quality. For the first year, if you discover a fault in the manufacturing or the workmanship, that affects the operation of your reel or your fly rod, return it to us for a prompt correction. The warranty is only available for the original owner and cannot be transferred. After the first year, if you should need repair service, your rod or reel can be repaired or replaced (at our option) for a specified fee. You will never have to pay more than $75 (excludes PHW Limited Reels) for any rod or reel replacement/repair, so have confidence in the fact that your explanation for your "problem" is well understood by us here at FFB. We also offer a "no-fault" warranty service where you can replace each individual rod piece or reel, based on the model and the piece that is damaged or broken.  All rod services will require a $13.50 shipping and handling fee. All reel services will require a $8.40 shipping and handling fee.

 Grip 1st2ndTip    
 Grip 1st2nd3rd TipTip   
San Juan$50.00$40.00$30.00$20.00   
 Grip 1st2nd3rd Tip4th5th6thTip
Mt. Pack$50.00$45.00$40.00$35.00$30.00$25.00$20.00
 Grip 1st2nd3rdTipInst Tip  
Jim Hicks$75.00$65.00$55.00$35.00$35.00  
Madison$5.00 Warranty Services  1$5.00 
   Warranty Services  2$18.00 
Rapidan$18.00 Warranty Services  3$20.00 
   Warranty Services  4$25.00 
Deschutes I V1$35.00 Warranty Services  5$30.00 
Deschutes I V2$35.00 Warranty Services  6$35.00 
   Warranty Services  7$40.00 
Deschutes II V1$40.00 Warranty Services  8$45.00 
Deschutes II V2$40.00 Warranty Services  9$50.00 
   Warranty Services 10$55.00 
Metolius I$40.00 Warranty Services 11$60.00 
Metolius II$45.00 Warranty Services 12$65.00 
   Warranty Services 13$75.00 
Potomac$50.00 Warranty Services 14$88.00 
PHW Limited$88.00      
Fire Hole I$45.00      
Fire Hole II$50.00      
Snake I$55.00      
Snake II$60.00