Warranty Services

Warranty Services
Once in a while, your Fly Fishing Benefactors (FFB) Fly Rod or Fly Reel may need warranty servicing. If you feel your FFB product failed due to manufacturing issues in the first year of use, we expect that you will send your FFB fly reel or fly rod in a properly protected package to our warranty services division, insured, with a tracking number enabled. We also expect that you will insure the item for a replacement value cost, as we cannot be responsible for lost warranty items when entrusted to a commercial shipper. When we receive the warranty item, we will make a determination (usually within 5 business days) on the status of your item and either repair or replace the broken part or the product in its entirety. After we make our determination, we will request (through an e-mail or a phone call) that you pay for the appropriate warranty level services (1 - 14) and also add the appropriate fly rod or fly reel shipping and insurance charges on our Warranty Services page on our web site. Upon receipt of payment, we will ship your fly rod/fly reel to your designated address in appropriate packaging, insured, with a tracking number. We also have a "No-Fault" warranty program where you as the consumer acknowledge that the failure of the FFB equipment was not based on manufacturing flaws, but by an accident caused by the user. In this case, you don't need to send in your fly rod or fly reel but e-mail us with specifics and use the warranty services pages here to pay for the appropriate charges and we will promptly return a part or product based on the circumstances. Feel confident that no warranty repair or replacement will ever cost more than $75 for your FFB Fly reel or Fly Rod! So go ahead, and explain how your dog ate the fly rod, we'll understand!
For other items manufactured by other companies, please contact those manufacturers for warranty information.

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A chart explaining the warranty services level is on the Warranty page of our web site. Each fly rod and fly reel warranty repair cost is explained on the Warranty page and each corresponding charge equates to a Warranty Services Level. Level 1, being the lowest, is $5.00 and Level 14, being the highest, is $88.00. Each fly rod will require a $13.50 shipping, handling, and insurance fee, while every fly reel will require an $8.40 shipping, handling and insurance fee.